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  1. Map Rules
  2. Ghosting
  3. Trapping own teammates with barrels.
  4. Not able to join trello group
  5. Barrel Boy Poll. Trapping teammates.
  6. Mid-round clan tag changing
  7. Bunny Hop scripting and scripting in general
  8. Cs_Italy and rooftops
  9. New Rules?
  10. de_piransei Rail above A
  11. Barrel Boy - Floating Barrels
  12. *Advertising/Spam*
  13. Staying grounded when the last person on the other team is a knife race
  14. Should Ruler smokes count as wards?
  15. Calling out races when dead and why it should be ilegal
  16. Racism/Sexism
  17. ban dodge
  18. Odd Ban Appeal For User