View Full Version : Casual Trading Masterpost

10-09-2016, 11:34 PM
Alright so I saw this was a forum page, and I decided that since there wasn't any posts, I feel like we should post on it, and make it a simple regulated thing.

My suggestion for this is that we start off with a simple trading concept for layouts;

Steam/Forum name: Dualie Woolie
Want: (example) AK47 Case hardened Well Worn(to be more specific if you are looking for a certain pattern IE: Blue Mag)
Will Give: 12 Keys.(overpaying for good patterns, or say "have *insert skin/pure here*, willing to overpay" for your specified item(s)

*insert what you want to specify, such as your float value, stickers, or the what is your overpay*

It can be pure, or skins for other skins, I think that will be the main layout, if you want to add notes, such as your float value(which it's 2016, we shouldn't care about this.)

If you are making a like say a trading outpost(where you have mass items and you want to sell and trade for other skins) make sure you add them, add your prices for them, then say what you will take instead of pure.

I think I made this pretty simple.

I know some CEGamers don't have that much inventory(such as me, in which I basically just want to trade up for a knife and an AK case hardened and then I am set, or if you are like people like shayru, that stick to their certain guns because it's your preferred weapon, and you don't need to switch out from it.) but this will keep a some sort of connection within the community besides development or random posts such as "favorite movies".