View Full Version : Casual Competitive Masterpost

10-09-2016, 11:43 PM
So, if you want to post about simple match ups, or casual scheduling for competitive and looking for regulars to queue with(aka Jman, which I always enjoy a challenge myself too).

Here is the layout I think that will be okay

Steam/Forum Name: Dualie Woolie
Rank: (since I never play comp, and stick to WCS/FACE-IT) Unranked.
Number of Players Needed: (1-4)
Set time(s); (this way will be good, such as if you want to queue up on saturday 6 o clock central time, or a singular time such as October 9th at midnight Central time, would be good. You can probably find friends if you are really chummy on CEgamer, but this is if you are trying to find out of scope people that you don't see usually on the server as often.

Example would be: Hackbot wants to queue up, and Christ((examples people)) wants to queue up too during that time, if they aren't friended, then it is just shrouded, but if they are looking for casual gaming, come here, and see that hackbot wants to queue, then he will see it and friend him to talk about it.)

*Might want to include your playstyle, or your role, like if you are the lurker, state it, shot caller, awper, etc*

I know that The Casual Trading and Competitive Lounge posts won't get much traction, but I wanted to make this for the community even if I am not a moderator or admin(or a senior member on the forums.)