Bans Details

Mod Steam Name Reason Created Duration Ends By
STEAM_0:0:4558596 moronic nick Abusing Voteban 07-10-14 16:10 EXPIRED EXPIRED Anuanu


Viewed Warning Created By
Yes Sticking to invis textures as water ele/ignoring admins telling him to stop 07-20-16 17:58 donscreta
Yes "votebanning without reason, even admitting to it" 11-30-13 08:53 zenworm
Yes playing music over mic even after being told to stop 07-21-13 19:21 Anuanu
Yes Ghosting 05-31-13 07:30 Anuanu
Yes "Flashbanging teamates repeatedly" 09-16-12 23:21 ArcAngel

Change Log
Anuanu Ban created. 07-10-14 16:10