Bans: Results 2,971 to 3,000 of 4329

Mod Steam Name Reason Created Duration Ends By
STEAM_0:0:77448288 W-Ww-Wwwendy's on Wednesday Votebanned by players 11-21-13 17:54 1h EXPIRED VEMON
STEAM_0:0:77448288 W-Ww-Wwwendy's on Wednesday Votebanned by players 11-20-13 21:23 1h EXPIRED CONSOLE
STEAM_0:1:18482735 Weedz Hacking 11-19-13 15:33 NEVER Shadow187
STEAM_0:1:473049 Trina -- Da Baddest Bitch trying to depop server 11-17-13 17:24 1d EXPIRED farmerjohn
STEAM_0:0:4927927 waxdog Votebanned by players 11-17-13 05:01 1h EXPIRED MMills0
STEAM_0:1:60229979 DoMoVoY :D Votebanned by players 11-16-13 23:24 1h EXPIRED badgun10
STEAM_0:0:54647754 i wish i was a cute anime girl Votebanned by players 11-16-13 12:37 1h EXPIRED brainiac256
STEAM_0:0:59357810 robo taco hunter (taco man) annoying prick 11-16-13 00:58 10m EXPIRED xijesus22x
STEAM_0:0:77198231 (F2P) Sponge Hacking 11-15-13 14:11 NEVER Ketchup
STEAM_0:0:62704179 GamerX Spamming 11-14-13 18:47 10m EXPIRED xijesus22x
STEAM_0:1:28930603 dank â™› nugs Hacking 11-13-13 17:55 NEVER ratpatrol
STEAM_0:1:18609660 Snarf Being a schmuck and abusing a bug... 11-13-13 01:29 1d EXPIRED joshtrav
STEAM_0:1:16570363 Ṑᵬᵴᵻᵭᵻᶏᶇᵴᶄ admin disrespect 11-12-13 21:30 1h EXPIRED xijesus22x
STEAM_0:0:70674890 MetaMaster22 Spamming 11-12-13 21:17 20m EXPIRED xijesus22x
STEAM_0:1:76568593 Marrohiko Obvious hacker votebanned within 2 minutes. 11-12-13 17:12 NEVER ratpatrol
STEAM_0:1:76568593 Marrokino Votebanned by players 11-11-13 20:30 1h EXPIRED CONSOLE
STEAM_0:1:59609709 [VALVá´±] frenzplz Votebanned by players 11-11-13 03:24 1h EXPIRED CONSOLE
STEAM_0:0:61945507 brainiac256 annoying little shit 11-10-13 22:52 30m EXPIRED xijesus22x
STEAM_0:1:16570363 Ṑᵬᵴᵻᵭᵻᶏᶇᵴᶄ admin disrespect 11-10-13 16:31 1h EXPIRED xijesus22x
STEAM_0:0:61068820 Already Suppressed Spamming 11-09-13 23:02 1h EXPIRED xijesus22x
STEAM_0:1:473049 Trina -- Da Baddest Bitch Votebanned by players 11-09-13 17:19 1h EXPIRED Judge Dredd
STEAM_0:1:28889044 Chr!sz Votebanned by players 11-08-13 15:43 1h EXPIRED Jikatz09
STEAM_0:1:44909062 KaijuPhaser256 Votebanned by players 11-08-13 15:20 1h EXPIRED CONSOLE
STEAM_0:0:6031028 Tauxcinity PayPal 11-08-13 13:24 NEVER joshtrav
STEAM_0:1:76594975 Latin_Kings Votebanned by players 11-06-13 23:46 1h EXPIRED Bruceree
STEAM_0:1:16570363 ObsidianSkies Votebanned by players 11-06-13 22:27 1h EXPIRED xijesus22x
STEAM_0:1:76594975 Walter_White Votebanned by players 11-06-13 21:18 1h EXPIRED yinchin
STEAM_1:0:29633069 Rookie_96 Aimbot, with fairly obvious screen shake. Demo shows him using, then t 11-05-13 18:06 NEVER ratpatrol
STEAM_0:1:50192621 cert1fied Votebanned by players 11-05-13 15:14 1h EXPIRED deepsix
STEAM_0:1:28889044 Chr!sz Votebanned by players 11-05-13 14:45 1h EXPIRED dlflanaganb