Bans: Results 1 to 9 of 9

Mod Steam Name Reason Created Duration Ends By
STEAM_0:1:11959567 Nick Banned for spamming commands way too much. 04-30-21 19:58 30m UNBANNED Console
STEAM_0:1:42196802 BIG NICK DIGGER Votebanned by players 12-26-15 15:27 1h EXPIRED Console
STEAM_0:0:4558596 moronic nick Abusing Voteban 07-10-14 16:10 1wk EXPIRED Anuanu
STEAM_0:1:82152467 Nick Hacking 01-29-14 08:23 NEVER Ketchup
STEAM_0:1:75796693 yout nickname contains unallowe Votebanned by players 10-22-13 21:38 1h EXPIRED wubzy42
STEAM_0:1:9903828 NICKER Other 04-12-13 17:49 1h EXPIRED Anuanu
STEAM_0:0:20157888 Avenger Nick Aimbot. 03-19-13 19:56 NEVER ratpatrol
STEAM_0:1:26979354 Nick Nolte Hacking 12-20-11 18:19 NEVER ratpatrol
STEAM_0:1:40076047 Nick Not Found Multi-Hack 07-09-11 00:58 NEVER Knife.