• 3/7/18 Updates

    Been having a mixed bag of reviews on the map additions. I decided to remove some of the newer ones with at least 3 RTVs in 5 plays. I also decided to try adding some old school favorites from CSS, CS1.6, etc.


    Removed Maps:
    • de_opal
    • de_subzero
    • de_breach
    • de_overpass_mirror

    Added maps:
    • de_tides
    • cs_militia_original (old 1.6 version)
    • cs_thunder
    • cs_backalley
    • de_vertigo
    • de_prodigy
    Comments 7 Comments
    1. murdoc's Avatar
      murdoc -
      Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge yes
    1. Motto the second's Avatar
      Motto the second -
      oh man backalley takes me back
    1. Meit_Grigori's Avatar
      Meit_Grigori -
      Vertigo and Prodigy! Can we get CS:GO's OG militia and cobertura back too?
    1. augmentkapital's Avatar
      augmentkapital -
      Yeah! I love backalley, played it this morning and was so excited. Glad to see those other ones go, Opal was seizurous cancer with flashing minimap.
    1. Mutant's Avatar
      Mutant -
      Nice. Love to see additions of maps.
    1. joshtrav's Avatar
      joshtrav -
      I posted a thread in the WCGO forum about the new maps, encouraging players to post the names of maps hand the ideal player counts for them. I will give out rep for helpful posts in that thread so we can work towards a better map rotation based on player count.
    1. LILLARD2.0's Avatar
      LILLARD2.0 -
      loving having map compound back! How about oasis city, toujane, depot, and dester atrocity as well.