• 4/8/18 Updates

    Day 2 of Buff Races weekend! (Keep the suggestions coming)

    May have missed some here - typed it all up and the token expired (was doing it over the entire day)

    Race changes:
    • Archmage - extra 50 HP
    • Aeolus - vortex pull increased by 35%
    • Slinger - beacon time increased
    • Trodgor - thinned range and increased burn
    • Death Inferno - thinned range on burn
    • Phoenix - lower damage, thinner range on chance and higher
    • RPG - can sanvich
    • Mario
      • lowered CD on ultimate
      • kills with star power give a use count on ultimate

    • Death Metal
      • Split visi portion of impale to separate chance proc, changed from 1.5% to proc to 30% chance on invis

    • Expert Marksman - deagle procs Disabling Shot
    • Cloud Strife - ninja works with hp absorb
    • Hydralisk - regen to 4x4
    • Pokemon - 50-100% chance to free ankh with lineup skill
    • Matter Master - cd on longjump shifted to 1.5
    • Gungame
      • earn 1 level instead of 500xp - at level 25 its 4000 xp to level, with a 33 level usage bank this is an increase potential of 2000%
      • once handicap is maxed, nades on grenade level become crit nades

    • Super Chicken - divebomb thinned and reduced cooldown
    • Recon
      • ability use count doubled
      • emp nade thinned and increased to 5
      • personalized weapon skill shifted from 25 max to 50
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    1. TD.Crate-'s Avatar
      TD.Crate- -
      Oh man Gungame buff is really dope.
    1. JohnnyBravo's Avatar
      JohnnyBravo -
      I think that succubus hunter should get more cash/xp per skull. The hp is fair and i feel the proc rate could be a bit higher.
    1. Wiki's Avatar
      Wiki -
      I think you should add primary usage for the drace. Space invader
    1. Bullet-Tooth's Avatar
      Bullet-Tooth -
      Just want to chime in that the GunGame buff is spot on here. Been playing it a lot since I've been back and it's perfect IMO. I genuinely enjoy the gameplay the race provides, but removing the pain of the nade level and adding a real reward has me coming back time and time again. Its my highest level race at this point.
    1. Elrichzann's Avatar
      Elrichzann -
      I'm in agreement, that gungame buff was PERFECT. Very happy with it now! It gives me more reason to continue to main it as my race. I'll get into XP PRIZE some day!!