• halloween_2018 Conclusion

    For those of you that didn't come around during the holidays we had a 2 week long contest, that involved item pickup and awarded access to races, hats and tickets for monetary rewards. This year was an oddity in that normally our past winners have had very few tickets and won by significant luck margins (25000:1 changes, etc.) and our highest ticket count and second and third within 50% of that. It is all random draw, but it was interesting to see.

    The contest ended on the 7th and the results for it can be found at the following page:

    Tickets for 1st, 2nd and 3rd were 32384, 12048, and 7930 respectively. The need to add me on steam/pm me here so we can discuss getting their rewards to them.

    Now, for the statistics on what was given out:

    • 572731 tickets
    • 33 people access to Witch (WIP)
    • 38 people access to Freddy
    • 59 people access to the Bandit Mask
    • 60 people access to Darkness Mask
    • 51 people access to Oni Mask
    • $50.00 worth of rewards.

    The rewards are $25,$15,$10 respectively. They can be in the form of donor, steam cash, or an online giftcard like amazon.
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    1. zBrackeT's Avatar
      zBrackeT -
      WOW that no life with 32k tickets, what a loser!

      Thanks for running the contest. Was fun.
    1. haarrm's Avatar
      haarrm -
      Was good to see some old faces and have the server full for most of the day, can't wait for the next contest!
    1. Bullet-Tooth's Avatar
      Bullet-Tooth -
      Very interesting to see the odds play out this way. Always been a surprise when the small totals have won in the past. Congrats to the winners!
    1. SnowyField's Avatar
      SnowyField -
      LF> Christmas contest to start in 2 weekd Need that Jack Frost this year >.<. GZ to Zbracket farming all that "no life" tickets haha