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    by Published on 01-24-2016 06:44 PM

    Today seven new races were added from the CSS to GO list. The seven races will be listed below but consists of six public races and 1 donor race. Around 7-8 more races are still in the works of being transferred, so look forward to even more. Additionally, a few minor changes were made to existing races that people may note.

    The race Terrorist had its primary weapon swapped from mac10 to galil in order to bring the race balance more in line with Counter Terrorist.
    Team limits for Nyan Cat and Turian Marksmen have been removed.

    The new races added are as follows: ...
    by Published on 12-31-2015 11:23 AM

    Short announcement for a new site feature and update on the coming contest.

    A new website feature has been added to the STATS tab which is labeled warcraft. This page displays race information for the whole server as well as personal stats for the races an individual plays. The main purpose of this newly added page is to help with balancing and reworks. Races that have considerably lower KDR and play time as a whole will be looked at for rework to put them on par with other races. Additionally after a rework is done the race which received changes will have its stats reset to allow for a better reflection of how well the rework translates in the server.

    The contest for the Christmas race Santa Claus is still being worked on, but won't be released until JT has finished coding the Contest Module. The contest module will allow for easier creation of future contests and possibly allow for contest group members to setup smaller scale contests without aid from JT. Once the module is done and the scoring method for the "Christmas" contest has been resolutely decided upon will we see it installed.
    by Published on 11-26-2015 01:42 AM

    Happy Turkey Day Update

    Hey everyone we have a sizable update this time around, with some new features and races. Additionally, the great chaos of turkeys(chickens) shall be invading the server! The invasion beings today on the 26th and ends on Sunday night the 29th. During this time the race Super Chicken has no team limit and no level requirement letting everyone and their mother enjoy the squawking goodness. The most interesting new feature is for players that have made their own race. The creator of a custom race is immune from team restrictions on that race letting the creator have unlimited access to the race they made. This should work for previously made races as well as newly made ones. Forum Badges are officially done for group and staff members, and should allow for easier recognition of those people.

    The newly added races and race changes are as follows:
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    Server Operators Wanted

    The CEGamer community is in need of an expansion to fresh, new servers and we are looking for operators.

    Currently the server box that is being rented can host many more servers than we currently have. The people who play on our WCS server undoubtedly frequent other servers so with that in mind we want to have more places for our community play and grow. What this would entail is people willing to step up to create a new server who have a least some knowledge of server hosting and is willing to work to make their server populated. If you wish to do this you should be somewhat passionate about it as servers take awhile to grow. The major details for getting established are as follows:
    by Published on 11-16-2015 12:02 AM

    A staff meeting was held on 11/15/2015 where group members and leads discussed the most recent updates and directions that will be coming to our community:

    *Badges: Forum badges will be made to represent what groups a member belongs to. Once the designs are finished, they will appear on the forum users main profile that is shown in their posts. In the middle they will have a badge for each group that they belong to (forum dev, server staff, etc).
    *Tags: There will also be in-game tags implemented for each forum member who belongs to a specific group. This is a tag that will appear next to their name when they type, talk, or enter the server. These tags can be chosen by the player. ...
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    Top 3 Winners

    Top 3 winners win 3 free months of donor*!

    • Kutkh - STEAM_0:1:3226315
    • Cruncher of Nerds - STEAM_0:1:2050041
    • Bareus - STEAM_0:0:40965083

    • Karver - STEAM_0:1:12900449
    • Idleless - STEAM_0:0:13510289
    • TyDaWeasel - STEAM_0:0:9262568

    Top 3 Donor winners, you must register on the forums to receive your 3 months of donor!

    Winners of the Halloween race - Freddy Krueger: ...
    by Published on 11-02-2015 02:00 AM

    The recent changes to our community system are in full swing with some good results already upon us. With the hard work of our newly minted Forum Development Group we have gained a fresh new forum look and structure. This new structure is to help facilitate organized discussion and project development in line with the changes made to staff function. All community members will be able to view private boards and vote on any polls that are made within them, but only group members will be able to post. In addition to the new layout a few other items have been added or changed as follows. ...
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    Article Preview

    October 27 - November 8

    CEGamer staff would like to announce the 2015 Halloween Event!

    Collect as many pumpkins as you can to win!
    You have a 25% chance to drop a pumpkin when you kill an enemy.
    If you manage to retrieve that pumpkin you get 2 points.
    However, if another player beats you to it they receive 1 point for it.
    At anytime you can type the word contest in game to see the top 10 for that
    by Published on 10-23-2015 04:20 AM

    New Community Direction

    On Saturday 10/17 a large staff meeting was held to decide the future course of the CEG community. The main pushing point is a complete change to the decision making capabilities of the staff and a better way to organize this shift in responsibilities. In the past Joshtrav would have the final say on most server based decisions, but with free time being in a serious crunch, he came to the conclusion that the current status is no longer going to work for the community to expand. JT will remain as the main coder, but will be almost entirely removed from the decision making process.

    Current staff members will be divided into groups and have a status as group leads. Group leads will recruit new members from the community that will add to discussions and help with projects pertaining to their specific group. The current hierarchy of trial/mod/admin will be dissolved with ...
    by Published on 10-19-2015 01:50 AM

    Warcraft CSGO Update: A few patches and a new feature went out today. Especially in regards to model issues and the crashes being associated with them.

    • Skin overlay was redone to try and help with crashes
    • The issue of knife visibility on fully invisible races is fixed
    • A new feature has been added to give increased xp gain on maps that haven't been played in some