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  • Warcraft
    • Access to donator races. (More added over time)
    • Access to betting (Gain more cash by betting on the team to win)
    • Access to player models.
    • 2500$ awarded to you at the end of each round.
    • XP from Race of the Day increased to 10500 (from 7000)
    • Donator shop menu.
      • Includes Auto rebuying Ankh, Ring of Armor (kevlar+helm) and Necklace.
    • Access to free Awp and M249 in Deathmatch.
    • Count as 2 players when voting for DM and RTV.
    • Defuse in the same time as having a kit without one.
  • All Servers
    • Reserved slot. Connect through console when server is "full".
    • Choose from a list of 140 chat colors. (Not CSGO)
    • Immunity from high-ping kicker.
    • HLStats updates in game.
      • Commands: Session, KPD

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