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    Article: halloween_2018 Conclusion

    Bullet-Tooth +REP    Geikamir +REP   

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    WOW that no life with 32k tickets, what a loser!

    Thanks for running the contest. Was fun.

    SnowyField +REP   

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    Was good to see some old faces and have the server full for most of the day, can't wait for the next contest!

    Bullet-Tooth +REP    Geikamir +REP   

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    Very interesting to see the odds play out this way. Always been a surprise when the small totals have won in the past. Congrats to the winners!

    Geikamir +REP   

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    LF> Christmas contest to start in 2 weekd Need that Jack Frost this year >.<. GZ to Zbracket farming all that "no life" tickets haha

    Geikamir +REP    Patriot +REP   



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