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    Hero ツ Muted - Unban?

    Was new to server didn't know rules. Was calling out orders by microphone rather
    than using commands. Other players showed no love and now I can no longer
    talk on the microphone. Forgiveness is appreciated, would like to get unmuted.

    Other players are wondering why I can't talk...

    P.S. Love Hero ツ
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    unless it's an admin mute then it goes away at mapchange.

    Welcome to the forums. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tristen View Post
    unless it's an admin mute then it goes away at mapchange.

    Welcome to the forums. :P
    It's an admin mute. Thanks for the welcome!

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    Well that's kinda lame that you got muted merely for playing the game. Although there's always two sides to a story...

    Welcome to the forums either way, hope it gets cleared up for ya :P

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    After players votemute ,admin warning and mapchange you got a permamute because you was still mic spamming.

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    Well I was told yesterday by admin to go on here and post to get unmuted, so here I am!

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    Only Rat Partrol can umnute you.

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    Okay, I guess until then a Hero will be missed. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calahan View Post
    Only Rat Partrol can umnute you.
    Wrong, unless it was Rat who muted him.

    Only the admin who muted you can un-mute you.

    Hero, don't i know you? Aren't you that 13 year old who doesn't shut up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anuanu View Post
    Wrong, unless it was Rat who muted him.
    Reading his post entirely, it seems as if Calahan was actually there and knew who the admin was at the time. Therefore, I'm sure he said that Rat Patrol has to unmute him because it was Rat that muted him.



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