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    Logan - Permamute Appeal

    Hello, my name's Logan and I've playing the CEGamer's WCGO for quite a while and I happened to be permamuted around 2-3 weeks ago for talking I guess? There actually was no reason stated by an administrator, I received no warnings prior.
    So yeah, I've been playing at the server every day, saying something about it trying to see if someone could do something about it for me as I felt it was unfair and I'm still clueless.. anywho, I was just told that I'd have to come on here to appeal it in this section so here I am Hopefully someone could help me out and somehow I can get rid of my permamute? Thanks!

    SteamID: STEAM_1:0:5123274
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    You have to talk to the admin that pmuted you and everybody say's there is no reason but usually there is. So first need to find out who pmuted you.

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    Woah...dude is being sincere abt his appeal?? Unmuteee. Jk but gl with ur appeal. Eventually the admin who muted u Will run across this.
    AUG ftw

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    Would need your steamid to check who did it.

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    Edited: SteamID added

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    [za] [STEAM_1:0:5123274] was permamuted by JT[STEAM_0:1:15610822] on 2010-12-13 19:05:45
    [za] Old names of STEAM_0:0:5123274 (total of 6)
        Name                  - Last seen
     1. Logan                 - 2013-08-11 21:47:06
     2. Catharsls             - 2013-08-03 03:25:24
     3. Catharses             - 2013-08-03 03:24:25
     4. SluttyBuns            - 2013-08-03 03:24:04
     5. Wolverine             - 2013-08-03 03:16:50
     6. McLovin               - 2010-12-14 17:31:19

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    Lol Sluttybuns

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    Wow pmuted by JT himself, you really had to screw up for that one.

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    Ok, let's be honest here. 2010? Odds are his acorns fell from the tree since then.

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    I find it funny he said a few weeks ago and it was just a bit longer than that.



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