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    Lightbulb Map suggestions

    Here are some maps I checked out in the workshop and think we should try out for some time and see if ppl like them.
    There are a good selection of custom maps on the server right now but I'm starting to feel like they go through the same cycle so I'd like to try out some new and different maps. Thanks!

    I'll add some more later on and feel free to give some feedback or add some more suggestions, payce!

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    did you check to see if the roofs have textures? max ceiling height? can you jump outta the map with low grav or teleport? lot of x-factors into maps

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    I know that.. But how would I know if I can't play these maps myself on a wcs server??? thats why we should try them out as a server and all look for these things you mention

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    You can load them and adjust your gravity on your own it doesn't have to be on a server

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    Use what the regular server call cheat/hack maannnnn
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    We had museum, keystone, downtown, himeji, and rats on the server. Didn't turn out well, high rtvs so they were removed.

    The chess is a no, and valley will be too powerful for knifers. Pretty rare that people like a jungle theme on WCS. Its always 50/50. The knifers, everyone who complains about them.



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