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    What is this??

    A picture for ants?
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    Just click on it Mango.

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    I like it actually. Looks very carbon-ey so it fits.
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    Not quite the right dimensions, but my conceptualization:

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    I like cino's more in itself.
    But i like "community for gamers" on the other.
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    Personally I enjoy the shortening of Carbon Era to CEGamer since I bet a vast majority of the community who isn't on the forums doesn't even realize CE = Carbon Era

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    That is true..

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    I got some photoshop experiences and im taking game design/development class atm, I can try to work something out for us. What dimension are you guys looking for anyway?
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    For a web banner, you want to avoid using the in-game tag version of CEG. CEG or Carbon Era Gaming will be the best looking

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    Yea I mean, our current banner says "Era"
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