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Please understand that, while these rules listed below are excellent guidelines, a warcraft server by nature differs in gameplay day-to-day: it is impossible to list every single rule to be followed.
If an administrative figure requests you to follow a temporary injunction, you must listen!

You can be punished for the following:
  • Exploiting the banish effect from ultimates to see through walls
  • As said above, do not argue with an admin. If you feel you have been wronged, there is an abuse report forum at cegamer.com
  • Begging admins for anything
  • Hacking or Attempting to crash the server
  • Ghosting
  • Mic-spamming. (Permanent mute not ban)
  • Dodging a mute, votekick, or voteban
  • Votebanning for no valid reason
  • Farming XP
  • Killing yourself to prevent XP gain

Concerning non map-specific rules, do not do the following:
  • Shooting at/Killing players while using Water Elementals Ultimate to attach to a non-solid texture/object.
  • Standing on an invisible texture (skywalking)
  • Looking through an invisible texture
  • Partially hiding inside a non-solid object (aka 'clipping')
  • On maps with teleport/fly disabled: using low-gravity races to access otherwise unreachable heights (teleport/fly is disabled for a reason!)
  • Flying or teleporting over illegal areas
  • Teleporting/flying/otherwise gaining access to the outside of any map. This includes going outside the map to exploit the open skybox (eg flying to spawns). If this happens accidentally, you may request an admin to teleport you to your spawn; you must otherwise kill yourself
  • Intentionally trapping or blocking of teammates with props is not allowed.

Rules when it comes to warding:
  • Can be used in your spawn if:
    • There are no objectives in your spawn
    • There are no hostages in your spawn
  • Can not be used in the enemy's spawn
  • It is not preventing the opposing team from completing their objective
  • Can not be used on objectives i.e. (Hostages and bomb sites)
  • The farting skill on pandemic is consider a ward and the rules for warding apply to it as well
  • The Koffing smoke skill is also considered a ward.
  • Traps are not considered wards

  • Traps can not be used on a planted bomb; everything else is fair game

Critical Grenades:
  • You are not allowed to throw a critical grenade into the enemy's spawn within the first 5 seconds of the round
  • Spamming critical grenades from spawn is also considered illegal

Teemo Grenades:
  • Teemo grenades are allowed on objectives. Teemo grenades can be destroyed if damaged.

  • When the 1:30 mark is reached, the objective must be attempted or administrative action may be taken [basically a massive bitch slap is coming your way]
    • Please note, however, that the objective can be attempted in any way the team sees fit. Blatant disregard for the objective, however, is disallowed
  • After the bomb has been planted, it is the CT's objective to attempt to defuse the bomb. This objective will be enforced like any other objective
  • On bomb, maps T's are not allowed to drop the bomb in an out-of-bounds place, and CT's are not allowed to push the bomb out-of-bounds
  • Do not defuse the bomb through floors or walls

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