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    Submitting a Member Application: READ FIRST

    Applying for membership of a community group only has a few rules.

    * You can only apply for one group at a time. Once your first application has been approved you may apply again for a separate group
    * If your application is denied you must wait 15 days until you can apply again.
    * In order for your app to be approved you must have at least 25 posts. This means you can be new and post an app as a new forum member, but we just want people to have a forum presence.
    * You only need 55% or greater to be approved
    * Applications will stay open as long as they have to.
    * Votes made by people no longer in the group do not count UP or DOWN.
    * You must keep your post up to date with UP and DOWN votes.

    So after selecting a prefix notifying us of group you want to join, type up a brief cover letter telling us why you are interested in joining a group, then fill out and post this app.

    Your in-game name:
    Brief statement as to why you are interested in joining a group:

    Up votes: 2
    Mango Jim

    Down votes: 1
    Rat Patrol

    Req Up Votes: 8 (get this number from the table displayed at the top of the Member Applications forum.)
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    I have added some code to the base of this forum. When you go to create a thread now you will see a table with the current community groups, total members and the up votes needed to become a member (55%, per this post). This should resolve the questions I have been getting in regards to how many are in what group, how many needed, etc.
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    Did an edit to the initial instructions to include the Req Up Vote amount be placed in the application thread. Since the number will change its ideal to list its current value at the time of the application. For example, Don needed 7 for Rules, while Kitsune will need 8 for 55%.

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    Could we bypass the need for them to keep track and edit their post by instead having it require the threads be made as a vote?
    Then we just need everyone to give their opinion and either vote yes/no/abstain.

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    To make it easier on who can approve I have added in the names of the members to each group listing at the top of the forum. To see who is in each group simple click on the table row containing the name of the group you are interested in applying for.

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    Nice work! This'll help with organizing!

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    Oh hey, cool. Now I know who all is in these groups.

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    I still cannot see the table...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutant View Post
    I still cannot see the table...
    Table was back up last night and the required vote count for WCS/GO Devs was 7. Must have crashed again some time during the night.

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    Ohhh I see.
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