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Thread: Medi-Shot

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    We can replace sandwich with this instead. It suppose to give you 50hp but I'm sure Josh can do something about it.
    Heavy armor and the name could be replace something also / new race features
    give item_heavyassaultsuit give weapon_tagrenade give weapon_Healthshot
    Hidden Content

    "As I am now I consider myself nothing more than a vessel; a vessel for the hopes of those abandoned in space and for the ideals of Zeon that will light all our paths to freedom. So if that's what the people desire, Char Aznable is who I will be. And that is the reason I wear this mask"

    - Char / Gayguy

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    Aww, but I like the sandvich and the little song that comes with it. Maybe we could have both and just have the Healthshot heal less and cost less?

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    very nice!!!

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    Damn I wish this had been put in I like the animation and idea of it being an inventory item.



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