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    Prince Of Persia

    This is a race based off the Prince of Persia - Sands of Time Movie and Prince of Persia games
    Time Blips visual effect - I was thinking of a sandy color'd version of the dwellers gravity ward.
    +Ultimate may be used at any time as long as a time blip where you have positive life exists, even while dead.
    All Math related to race can be Subject to change at anytime

    Prince of Persia

    Abilities and Ultimate consume sands of time.
    Race can only use Knife, Cannot buy Respawn in shop and cannot be respawned by other races affects. Race also cannot purchase Orb of Frost
    Race Spawns with 100 HP, 100 Armor and 1.4 speed.
    On kills the race recieves more sands of time. (25 sands per kill)
    Slow affects both movement speed and attack speed.(Attack speed may depend on Testing, I'm thinking around the same as Lich)
    The slowest speed you can lower a person to is .7 speed (meaning if a race has 1.4 speed you could lower it to as low as .7 speed)
    Race spawns time blips once every 1 seconds, Even after death the corpse would continue to spawn time blips.
    Total Levels in race 30

    Sands of Time - 6 Levels
    Guaged by a small meter which indicates how much sands of time you have (Like Dwellers invis meter)
    Increase how much sands of time you spawn with at the begining of round per level 100,110,120,130,140,150
    (If we could add in a timer to the same thing to indicate the next time blip that could be really nice too)

    Dagger of Time - 6 Levels
    Ability 1 consumes some sand to slow target enemy down by .3 speed. (Targeting system just like ruler of Olypmus)
    On Max level - On hit the Dagger of Time can also slow the enemy by .05 speed per hit
    Slow from activated affect lasts for for up to 6 seconds. Slow from attack can stack up til target is slowed to .7 speed each time a stack is added the slow lasts for 5 seconds.
    Slow from attacks consume 5 sand per time slow affect is added. Dagger of Time activated ability consumes 25 sand.
    (1 second added per level of skill)

    Wall Run - 6 Levels
    The Ability to Run along a wall for short times, This can also be used at higher levels to climb a wall and at max level
    you can also preform a wall jump.

    Time Manipulation: - 6 Levels
    Use Ability 2 to bring up a menu.
    1. Rewind: Use the Sands of time to Evade Damage (10 sand per trigger regardless of damage recieved)
    2. Slow Time: Reduces damage you recieve by making the bullets hit non-lethal spots or graze you.
    (Consumed sands Determined on how much damage would have been recieved Awp Headshot reduced to non lethal beind highest amount ) <-- This may need some Math done
    3. Nothing: Consume no sand but you take all damage you would normally recieve.

    Grand Rewind
    Set a marker visible to Prince only every second to record location/viewangle/hp/armor/velocity.
    Depending on rank keep the last 5-10 marks.
    Using +Ultimate while pressed stops recording new marks and while held sends you back in sequence to each mark one every 1/5th to 1/10th second.
    Each marker you go back costs 5 time sand.

    Points ~10
    Don Screta
    Winged Kitsune
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    Attacks ignore body armor, so every gun will always do full damage to you? Does that apply to helmet as well? If so, then this race will be very simple to kill as even pistols will 1 hit the race unless you have one of the evade/reduction abilities up, even then with a gun like bizon or mac10 it would shred through your sand at 10 sand per trigger. I think something like what Phasestalker has where each gun type does different amounts of sand/phase. Not sure how the wall run will work out, seems like that would take a lot of coding. With Grand Rewind, I'm not sure what the point of increasing duration between time blips would do, its not like you would be forced to use them so even at 6 seconds per blip would be enough, but you could set different sand amounts/use amounts per level. Like 1 level would be 125 sand, 2 would be 100, 3 75, etc etc. As of right now thats all the points I have.

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    The longer time blips means you have longer times to deal your damage and attack, Then if you recieve enough damage you could reverse time on yourself and come back with more health.

    As for the sand per hit I could lower it some 10 was what i though would be fair, at 150 sand you could evade 15 total hits before you run out of sand

    I'm not sure how wall run would work either but I figured i'd test JT out with it and see if he could figure out something

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    I think this race could spawn with 125hp to give it a bit of beef.

    I agree with slayer, the race can get rekt pretty quickly.

    Other than that, it sounds solid to me. And format colors are nice, Kek.

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    +1, talked to him bout things already, but other than that everything is purdy

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    Okay so i reworked so it does not use armor for sands of time and added the counter to show up kinda like dweller's invis
    Added so only way race can respawn is through Grand Rewind.
    Enabled so race would be able to receive armor from shop and shopmenu.

    Added levels and Variables with levels

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    What if instead of the time tracking thing ticking every 6-10 seconds it were to tick every second and then you can hold up-to the 6-10 most recent depending on the ultimate rank? (pressing ultimate sends you to the oldest one recorded still)
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    Changed more Values added more information to skills.

    That is an interesting Idea, I will leave to the community to see which one we have

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    It's not like it's anything radical just... instead of it updating your "last" position every 6-10 seconds it would update once per second and when you use your ultimate go to the oldest available... like so you don't awkwardly have it update as you go into a room and try to use it only to find out it updated 2 seconds ago and now your rewind is only worth 2 seconds back...

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    I'm going to withhold saying yes or no at this point. The race looks solid, but it also looks extremely weak, especially with 1.3 speed. Have you ever tried chasing someone down at 1.3 or 1.4 speed with a knife? It's not fun. As I see it, this race is going to die very easily.



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