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Thread: Dragon Mastery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurtydwarf View Post
    Masteries will be scaled based on the race's max level. Not a set level. At least thats what JT always said. So putting a level is irrelevant. Just "For this race's mastery..." or something to that effect would suffice.

    That aside, this could be pretty cool. I know JT wants to avoid much that would involve people having to sit through tons of downloads, so having textures/models included in the GO engine would be best. This could be pretty cool and trip a lot of people out though, and since cosmetic masteries seem to be the thing now, +1.
    I mean dragon maxes at 35, so twice max would be 70. I think the 60/80 split would be ok for 2, but if joined together then yeah 70 would make sense

    Quote Originally Posted by Tristen View Post
    Hehehe This would be neat ... though if the fireballs ignite, can the ignition change colors too?

    If this is possible then hell yes!

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    +1 from me
    I want to see every race have SOME sort of mastery, but not all races need the buff. Make more good ideas chap

    chapst1k +REP   



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