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    Meit App

    So yeah, haven't seen really anyone post for non-Dev sections in ages for applications, so figured fuck it.
    In-game name: Meit
    Up votes: 5: Tristen, Don, Slayer, Winged, Look
    Down votes: ???
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    +1 He's a bit of a Javert about rules but he IS knowledgable about them.

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    Melt does know the rules well, even if he is one of those people always using technicalities to try to get around them. He could potentially help make some of the rules more specific and even think of some good ones. +1

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    +1 here too, not much more to say as it's been covered.

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    He can have my +1.

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    Giving this a bump

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    So I currently have the required number of needed in since the number change

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    +1 for me, Always follows rules and has a good knowledge of them as well

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    So... Dat 5 +1, yet 3 needed. Lemme in bois



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