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    Bank Levels apply to Total level for Race Unlocks

    I seriously think this should be a thing, whether or not they are spent they should already apply to your total level and there are a few benefits of this too.

    * Does not undermine the experience on a race by forcing you to spend them to inflate your level to get past some race you currently don't want to play.
    * Encourages engaging in temporary events to earn levels even if you won't use them.
    * Very rare on this one but... for those who have already maxed every race they then still at least HAVE a use.

    2/2 approvals
    +1 Anuanu
    +1 Winged Kitsune
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    +1 from me. I like it
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    Got my +1.

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    +1. I thought this was already a thing.

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    Trello card added to Low Priority

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    Whoops, im not even in this group

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    It would need to wait a bit. We are in the process of migrating all the xp and bank levels to tie
    into forum acccounts after which this would be much easier. Still a pain but much less than it would be now.

    chapst1k +REP   

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    yeah! agree!!

  9. I guess after 4 years this topic is no longer relevant, but I will still support the idea!

    UnhandyNametag +REP   



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