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    Inactive Members

    We'll be keeping track of inactive players and their date of removal here for future reference if they wish to return. If they do not return in 2 months they will be removed from the list and have to reapply for whichever group they were in.

    Will track join date, date purged from group and date for complete removal and reapplication to group.

    If during the 2 month grace period they wish to rejoin, they can simply post here and be removed from the list but stay in the group. Any point after 2 months will need reapplication to said group.

    Will plan on monthly checks for inactivity.

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    wait, so do you have to post here if you're still active? Don't remove me lol, I don't play much anymore but I still read the forums.

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    More to being active than just "reading" the forums.

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    If you don't see your name on the list, you're fine. Means you've shown a decent bit of activity within your group if it was a group worth activity. I understand some groups can have slow time, but for the most part each one has some kind of running thread. I checked everyone's names for activity dates and what their input was. Most people had a recent activity of 3+ months within their group. Others had no helpful input or havent even remotely looked at most of the posts.

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    Cleared old purge list, anyone who was previously on it must now reapply for their groups. Will be going through and reupdating list over the next few days, there may not be any removals in some groups.

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    Things have been kinda slow all over the place for the last month. Not a lot is going on.

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    Ooou yeah boyo

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    Updated. Not much activity from most groups, so wasnt much to really go by. Pulling myself from forum dev since I dont have any ideas for it and want to save room for those who do.

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    Staff update:
    Congratulation to both chapstik and Christ on getting promoted to server staff.
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    "As I am now I consider myself nothing more than a vessel; a vessel for the hopes of those abandoned in space and for the ideals of Zeon that will light all our paths to freedom. So if that's what the people desire, Char Aznable is who I will be. And that is the reason I wear this mask"

    - Char / Gayguy

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    Quote Originally Posted by gearzablade View Post
    Staff update:
    Congratulation to both chapstik and Christ on getting promoted to server staff.
    Damn this server is going downhill fast! LoL. I am just joshing. Congrats



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