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    Cool FarmerJohn

    Hey everybody, been gone a while but life seems to be lightening up and letting me get back into things. So figured I would come by and see if I could still offer my services as I used to and help out with the community. Hoping to reconnect with everybody and start having fun on here again.

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    Make sure you do at least one of two things this time ... have some recent activity on server or on forums, even just posting rants about Meit or life works well enough to know your around.

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    Yep thats the plan

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    You've been gone a while, but I'll give you my +1. Just try to be more active on the forum and in-game.

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    #MakeFARMERadminAGAIN +1

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    +1 from me also. I don't know you personally but I remember you being a big name back in the day.

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    I can't say yes to this currently. I get people are busy with their own lives and such, which means they'll disappear for a bit, but since you've been severely inactive in the forums and ingame for such a long time it's hard to say yes. It's nothing against you personally Farmer, cause you know I like ya a lot, but I have to play the waiting game for now. I mean you technically have enough to be able to get in though at current standings. Though I personally think you should wait at least a month to see if you'll actually be able to stick around.

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    Sigh. I agree with Meit and thats a sad sad day.
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.



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