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    Question General opinion on racing games?

    This being an FPS-heavy community (it's a CS:GO server, of course), I'm curious as to this general public's opinion on the Racing genre. I've seen a lot of fantasy RPGs, JRPGs, Shooters and even sandbox games, but I wonder how people feel about cars.

    • Distance
    • Split/Second
    • Pure
    • Dirt 3
    • Twisted Metal
    • Blur
    • Trackmania (ALL THE GAMES)
    • JetMoto for PS1

    Pretty much anything else. I don't normally hate racing games.

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    Granturismo ALL DAY
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    Gran Turismo and Dirt are definitely my favorites. I wouldnt really consider Twisted Metal a "racing" game, but as a driving game yea its real fun. I picked up Project Cars and man was that game so realistic, you need to sit down and actually study to play that game. The GRiD games are good too. I really like driving games even if I'm only decent at them. I never really play a racing game and think "Why did x happen." like I do with shooters. Driving games is all input error, especially with a steering wheel.

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    My two favorites, Are a bit old.. But..

    I like the Original Need For Speed Most Wanted and Need for Speed Undergrounds 1 & 2

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    I like Need For Speed Underground and anything Mario Kart.

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    Counter strike source, car racing mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by murdoc View Post
    Counter strike source, car racing mod
    Good fucking times.

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    i don't like those games in which we have to do just left and right but there are games like twisted metal in which we have to shoot while drive that's something different.
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    I loved JetMoto and extreme G on the n-64. Forsaken was another cool one on the 64

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    I've enjoyed F-Zero, FAST RMX, Mario Kart, Extreme G, Need For Speed, San Francisco Rush/2049, Cruis'n USA, Cruins'n World, Super Offroad: The Baja, Offroad Challenge...

    There are a lot of good old racing games out there. Hell, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a decent one.



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