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    Request to Permanently Ban aLx^

    For now, just letting it go. I never stopped playing with aLx^, while I still believe there is something fishy for now they are planting the bomb, typing and interacting, and less suspcious than previously. But if it ever starts up again, I and others know ~ record aLx^ and ghost him in spec is the way to do it. So while I appreciate all the thoughts and replies, I think this thread can be safely deleted.
    Last edited by Seskef; 09-14-2017 at 11:08 PM. Reason: For now aLx^ has stopped.

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    I totally agree. I can also give an example. I was ghosting him and he was playing against someone that was using the race koffing, the guy was behind the smoke and this guy aLx came with the deagle and headshot him through the smoke, on my screen I could not see one thing through that smoke, yet somehow he did. There are also more occasions were he was very questionable to me as well as to many other people that play regularly on the server. One thing is for sure, he kills the server.

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    Instead of text examples, please post a demo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by murdoc View Post
    Instead of text examples, please post a demo.
    And you know, just follow the proper procedure as to not alert a potential problem player. ^^^BIG OLE BAN BUTTON UP THERE^^^

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    Oh, I know, but I asked every witness to when able, comment. aLx^ knows, as they have been vote banned once in my presence, and once absent of it, and perma-banned once absent of me. I have openly discussed my reasons while they were inbetween vote bans, and I have no fear of their potential adjustments, as I have had it explained to me how to record in the "proper procedure" by one of rank to see it.

    And if they turn off their hacks, or exploited settings, or whatever it is they ARE doing for a period, then I will be there when they resume. Now, enabled to record demos. Thank you for the concern, and consideration. I appreciate all insights the community offers.

    I though specifically posted this in public and notified all witnesses to both temp vote bans to its presence to encourage them to A) join in the forums AND B) speak their piece.

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    Wait to post a demo I have to put it on you tube first?

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    Go to submit ban on the drop bar of "bans" select submit ban, and follow the instructions. It's plainly written out.



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