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    Wormhole ank and weapons bug.

    The rest of the formalities of when and where I wont bother with as this is pretty straight forward and probably has been around forever and is 100% reproducable.

    Wormhole is restricted from weapons mainly the awp and scout ( I think). If you buy an ank and use ability 1 and die with the scout the ank will spawn you with a usable scout that can do damage. Further more it will eat your ak47 and not give it to you if you make this mistake.

    I might be wrong about it being restricted from scout (been a while) but still the ank will give you a wrong weapon. This issue could be similar to a medic bug and g freeman dying with this ult up.

    Just would like to inform and I will update as I test out the interactions further tonight.

    :EDIT: this bug doesn't effect medic or G. Freeman and scout isn't restricted. but it will eat your ank and give you a scout which can be and is annoying.
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