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Thread: Unknown problem

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    Unknown problem

    So my races. Regular and donator were working one map, now I’m stuck on starter race, can’t change races they all say Reputation And my donor races all missing

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    When I put rrace it’s between starter and Undead

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    Yep reset steam, computer and still no races

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    Good find. Someone downvoted you and I had never thought about a negative value for player reputation. Should be fixed now.

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    See, I saw the -3 rep and thought that may have something to do with it, then figured there werent any penalties in place for negative. That is hilarious.

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    Lol that’s crazy cool

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    Josh do you ever sleep my man?

    Thank y’all, so why do we get negative? I haven’t hurt anyone haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by devildog93 View Post
    Thank y’all, so why do we get negative? I haven’t hurt anyone haha
    Lately, you have been spamming lots of posts that don't seem to hold much quality or help others... that is probably why people downvote you that I know of.

    I haven't downvoted you that I know of, but this is the reason why. The posts are normally just one or two sentences, and ask things that have been asked before, or that you post into the wrong subforum.

    It honestly could boil down to you like things or think things that others don't. You like rat maps. Others don't, and because of that, they downvote you for suggesting it... etc etc.



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