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Thread: Sensitivity/DPI

  1. Sensitivity/DPI

    What do you play at?
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    1.0 sensitivity @ 400 DPI

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    1.75 sensitivity @560 DPI
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    I havent been able to ever find a comfortable dpi/sens, mine is always changing. I usually hover between 400-800 dpi and 1-2.5 sens though.

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    Before my new mouse/pad I played at 1200 dpi and 6 sensitivity. Now I'm at 450 dpi and 5 sensitivity.

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    i have 3 settings,

    1: 800 DPI @ 4 sens
    2: 1200 DPI @ 2.5 sens
    3: 1800 DPI @ 1.75 sens

    I primarily use settings 1.
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    800 DPI
    sens 10 ingame

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    1.7 sens 400dpi

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    Delta's: 1337 sensitivity @ 666 dpi

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    sensitivity 5.5 @ 1300dpi

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