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    Security Exploiter - Extra Damage Evasion

    I only noticed once, so I am not entirely sure if it would happen multiple times.

    It seems like it rarely unable to avoid extra damage from 'Starter Boost' race.


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    Pretty sure Secu is supposed to be 100% extra damage ignore, but could be wrong.

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    It is 100%. But from what understand, is when two skills are high enough chance together, once can actually override the other. So while Security Exploiter isn't supposed to take extra damage, if it's going against a race with a high enough proc, it could actually override the damage negation.

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    I've actually never noticed this on Security Exploiter when going up against that race, but definitely will be keeping an eye on it more now. Wonder if it does a similar thing on Warlock

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    There is some legacy code in the extra damage that is funky, removing it should resolve the issue.



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