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Thread: Tonks Bugs

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    Tonks Bugs

    Playing Tonks today I have yet to experience a single extra damage proc on both primary and secondary weapon.

    Although I can not pinpoint the cause, at certain points you get both the max speed while you have your knife out, and long jump, while holding an AK-47. Both Snowy and I experienced this bug where we had 1.6 speed with an AK-47 out. Upon death, the speed bug resolved itself.

    I also found that when supplies is leveled, it will override whatever gun you have picked up into an AK47. For example, I picked up an awp and survived the round. Upon respawning for the next round the AWP was gone and replaced with an AK-47. The AWP was not dropped for the gun, it simply disappeared.

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    There was an issue with the usp. I just pushed that to use the hkp2000 (old CSS code) but can't test it from work.

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    Ok so the extra damage on secondaries works perfectly now.

    The bug with the knife speed when using primary seems to occur when you are respawned. I am not sure if it is respawn when you die with knife out or just respawn in general, kind of hard to test as someone else has to respawn you.

    *EDIT* I also just managed to maintain the knife level speed while having an awp out on tonks, without respawning. I don't exactly know what the cause is, besides potentially lagging while quick switching?

    The ankh gun override still exists.
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    Try now, re-coded a bunch of the skills. They were about 7 years old and pretty ugly.



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