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    Exclamation Crypt Lord Armour

    Crypt Lord's 「Spiked Carapace」 starts you with less armour than intended.
    Level 5 grants 72 bonus armour, but interferes with the auto kevlar + helmet, and you spawn with only 72 armour instead of the (assumedly) intended 172.

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    The counter resets. Once you hit go below 1, it shows as 100 again. (at least the last time I checked years ago when someone posted this same bug)

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    Thats correct. Once it goes below 0, it goes back to 100.
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    Strange, considering it displays correctly if you leech armour from a target. Chalk it up to source oddities I suppose.
    But if you say it resets, I'll take your word for it. Hard to keep track when you're playing regularly.

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    Just double checked - if I set it to 101 it shows as 1, but when I query it through the engine it returns as 101.



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