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    [H] MSI GE62 Apache Pro 17.3" NVIDIA GTX 960M-8GB RAM-12GB Intel 7th Gen i7-7700HQ

    Hey everybody! I am selling my old gaming laptop seeing as my new one is very much nicer. It is one generation older than the one I am using, and is in great condition. The palm rest has some wear as would be expected, but beyond that it has no other issues at all. I listed most of the important specs up in the title to grab eyes, but beyond those it has a 1TB HDD for storage, with the disc spinning at 7200RPM - a full color supported STEELSERIES backlit keyboard with their software installed by default to let you customize it as you wish - NAHIMIC + DYNAUDIO software to get the most out of your sound system installed by default (trust me it sounds amazing you can hear a huge difference) - as well as MSI's amazing DRAGON GAMING SOFTWARE which includes a gaming control center to get the most out of your pc while gaming and their system control panel which just lets you control everything like your mic webcam touchpad blutooth and screen (like u can turn the display off)

    If anyone has more questions about the specs feel free to ask there are more things I didn't list yet such as the inputs + outputs the laptop has and which wifi adapter it includes. I will get back to you with those exact things as I forgot to take them down and left the laptop back at my parent's house. I know the adapter kicks ass and it has a bunch of usb ports, one of those new Ethernet ports (I forget the number lol I gotta check) and an hdmi output as well as a freaking DISC DRIVE which most people are surprised to see on that size of a laptop.

    I am looking for $650 for it, I am located in Massachusetts, USA - however : leave the shipping to me. My parents run a small business and are very often shipping things back and forth. We can ship internationally if you need us to. Free of charge within reason lol were not making an airdrop into Antarctica.

    The payment can be made through paypal if you want, but you could even just pay my parent's business directly for it whichever works.

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    Cool I got the same one but with 1050 gpu. glws
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    They're nice, huh? MSI makes some quality products man, I love their gaming laptops.

    I forgot to mention, if you didn't want to use paypal you can just have my parent's business charge your credit / debit card directly that's how they would do it.

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    Item has been sold and is no longer available, thanks for the interest in it everybody

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    Im sorry

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  6. The notebook was really great, even after 2 years, its parameters look very impressive.

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