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    Rake: 57 not 69% invis

    In the description it says 69% invis but in the gameme it states 57.

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    So this would be a bug and should be under the bug thread.

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    Moved to Bugs

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    Good find Johnny

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    I'm guessing it's because it was pulled from Source, which has higher invis in races than GO. When ported over, invis is lowered a bit.

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    I can confirm the race says 57% in myinfo and the raceinfo says it should be 69%. However i feel that the race is still in fact 69% as it does appear more than 57%. Either way I feel that the higher % is a good thing for the race as it doesnt have much else going for it.
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    I agree, I think it's invis is fine as is. I love this race and feel like it's strong but not op. I also feel as if many races seem a little more invis than they used to (e.g. Support). Maybe my eyes are going to shit.

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    Multiple threads.

    Removed the specific info about % invis from the raceinfo.



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