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    Server problems when changing maps

    Twice yesterday (5/25, once at 10:00am EST and again around 8:50pm EST) we voted on the next map on WCSGO but the server never transitioned us to the next map. Just got stuck at the end of the map time and couldn't do anything except chat/voice. Both times I had to get Char to reset the server.
    I think the first time we were on Mirage and voted for Sanchez. The second time I don't remember. Probably steam side problem but figured I should report it.

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    Just happened again on de_Toscan at 2pm EST on 5/26

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    Hm, this was a big problem last year as well, not sure if a fix ended up being found or if it just fixed itself.

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    This is happening more and more recently. Im getting 2-3 messages a night about it and i see it happen a few times when im on as well.
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    I could be a bad map that is not downloading properly. I will try and review them. Not the easiest take, and sort of the disadvantage of the workshop.

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    Compared the list - we had 10 maps that needed to be removed from our collection (server downloaded) that we are not using, and one that was removed from the workshop that we may have been trying to play - which could have also caused issues. Let me know if it is still happening, but I am hoping that slows/stops it.

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    Currently stuck in map end as of now going from agency to de_core

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    Wiped out all the workshop info, cache files, and maps and force a global re-download of them all. Let me know if it still keeps occurring. I have a few other ideas but not sure any will for sure work.

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    Contact me for server restart. I'm pretty much on almost 24/7. Steam message even I'm offline, it goes to my phone.
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    Spent quite a while recoding a lot of how the mapcontrol module works, to the point it now queries steam against our workshop collection, analyzes each file's details, reports to admin chat when a bug report needs to be filed if they are out of sync, etc. Long story short, it immediately reported a rogue map id that wasn't even on the workshop, and has never been. I recreated the collection and this id disappeared so I am hoping that was the issue. Here is the running chat log for more info as I communicated with Nick.

    Keep in mind this was a 18 hour or so fix, so it involved a lot of effort.

    Nick: Server is not changing maps alot recently
    Nick: 3 times so far in the past 3 hours
    joshtrav: yea, need to isolate the specific issue
    joshtrav: prob a problemsome map
    joshtrav: recent updates have occured to kaizen, abbey,
    joshtrav: and de_drill was removed from the workshop - could be the issue. so I will remove that one
    Nick: <3
    joshtrav: so i recoded a shit ton into the control module
    joshtrav: not sure it will help, but we will see
    joshtrav: i change maps by their workshop id not name now
    joshtrav: scan our collection to make sure it matches the maplist, and throws admin warnings to post bug reports if not
    joshtrav: i found one where the collection renamed the map file, but we had the old file, so calling it by name failed
    joshtrav: 19 {'filetype': 0, 'publishedfileid': '248222355', 'sortorder': 21}
    joshtrav: that seems to be the smoking gun
    joshtrav: after quering the steam api that id shows in our collection, but it doesnt show for me
    joshtrav: so its some sort of removed map orphan, may be causing us our problems
    joshtrav: ok, on a new collection now, the phantom fileid is no longer there, and i have it checking every round to verify the integrity of the collection on steam vs our server
    joshtrav: and to verify our maplist items are in the collection
    joshtrav: so im hopeful, ill also try to create some sort of notification when the server hangs if it occurs again
    Nick: more <3

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