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Thread: Hellfire Shaman

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    *summons JT to finish* your trapped at home I know you have nowhere to run

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    Hey man if you really just don't want to I understand, I will take a refund if you want. But I'd like something to come of this race I paid you awhile and still nothing just curious to what's going on

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    I told you a couple times I have spent tons of time on this thing. It required an edit to every race file (every one) to support it. Getting one skill done took weeks. The guy that actually paid for it can gladly get a refund. Tell him to message me.

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    I paid him personally my half and then some he just wanted to pay it all up front quickly to get the ball rolling. So no need to be an asshole. I even sent you a direct message saying you could keep majority of my share so you could keep something in your pocket, because you know I am such a asshole. I am not blind to the effort you have put in to the race. When should I draw the line on paying for something and not getting it? 4 months? 10 months? 12+ months? You don't keep me or "the guy that actually paid for the race" in the loop I checked in with you every other few months for a pulse check then said fuck it months ago. So yeah it's almost December 2020 and the servers slowly dying and you seem uninterested in all of it so I just asked for a small refund.

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    I don't think you understand how this works. I click refund on paypal. Tell the guy that actually paid for it to message me. I am not looking for a little mini rant from you, nor do I care for it. Tell the dude to message me, I will click refund. See how simple that is? Not even sure what you expect to get from your post. I get it, blah blah, I am a horrible guy for refunding it to the dude who paid. Jesus, everything has to be difficult with you. I can't even offer to return the money without you whining like a toddler.

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    Anyone who read your reply saw the sarcastic JT coming out of you just like it did in that reply. I didn't call you a horrible person I was not trying to make anything difficult if anything I was trying to light a fire for you to finish the race or communicate with me or "the other guy". In my many many years working with you I have never asked for a refund or had to ask you a YEAR+ for you to finish a project. If that makes me a toddler or unjustified whining so be it. I defend you on and off the server. You have other players who do nothing these days but talk shit about you and your server and how you are basically letting it die ( in their eyes ). I know you say you don't care but this server has paid bills and carried you and your family to higher places in life. FFS I am literally upset it had to come to me asking for a refund to get a reaction out of you. I have never harassed you about making a race, I have always done my best to be your friend and do what I can for you. You come here act like this then play the "everything is so difficult with you" mother fucker I did all I could to make this as simple as possible and even let you keep some of the money. Name one mother fucker here that gives you money and would ask for a partial refund or "just keep the money". You run a business at the end of the day and for years I have kept it as a guy doing what he loves but you left me asking for a refund because I got a year+ of waiting and waiting from you. You didn't want a rant but sorry your getting one. You know I have nothing but love for you and this community and the players that have made it their real home.

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    You didn't get a reaction. You got a reply, which I give often. The first reply was simple, and gave you a pretty easy set of instructions. The problem I have is your immediate need to feel attacked at everything and anything. It is childish, at best. I told you very simply, tell the guy that actually paid it to message me. I need him to do some things before I can get a refund. I could have just as easily told you to f'off.

    The server never elevated me, come on now. That is beyond a stretch; you should know better as an adult. I have paid for this server for 14 years. It made a projit for 8 of those, and I guarantee the time and effort I spent on it (and still do every damn update...) far eclipses anything it made me.

    So let me go back to my original statement, for the third time. Tell the dude to message me who actually paid, cause I can't remember him, and I will handle it. I literally could care less about the refund, so stop making it like that money has somehow lit a fire under me. I am trying to be hospitable and you are trying to be the victim.



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