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Thread: Hellfire Shaman

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    Hellfire Shaman

    Restrictions: molotov
    ***Took away bonus damage from Cursed by flames and gave it a silence and reduced its chance to effect targets to 50% from 100%***
    ***Took away bonus damage from Funeral Pyre but gave it a 5% per rank to ignore fire immunities***
    ***Removed Flaying daggers burning requirement***

    **Hellfire Shaman's fire is blue and also fire damage from hellfire shaman is split between armor and health. **

    Cursed by Flames ( 5 ranks ) ( on hit ) Burn your enemies with a single cursed touch and watch the curse spread ( 50% on hit chance to burn your victim for 3 seconds, if an enemy has allies within X range they also catch on fire for 3 seconds ) ( at the end of the 3 seconds anyone who is still within range of each other under the curse will refresh the curse for another 3 seconds and will repeat the cycle until no cursed victims are within 50 units of each other ) ( each rank increases range by 10 ) ( does not stack ) ( while cursed by flames enemies are silenced )

    Fires of Renewal ( 5 ranks ) ( passive ) If you are set on fire you are healed instead for the flames give you life ( if you were to be set on fire by any means you are healed instead ) ( immune to molotovs ) ( each rank reduces damage taken from fire sources by 20% and increases life gained from fire sources by 20% )

    Funeral Pyre ( 5 ranks ) ( on kill ) Use the blazing soul of a killed enemy to set the souls of all your enemies on fire ( when you kill an enemy you set all other enemies on fire for a short duration ) ( killing an enemy applies Cursed by flames on all enemies ) ( each rank increases the chances to ignore fire immunity by 5% )

    Hellfire ( 5 ranks ) ( ability 1 ) ( 20s cd ) Cast a Hellfire spell over a area that will not be extinguished by any means and grab at any enemy who tries to cross it ( spawn a molotov on use ) ( your molotovs can not be extinguished and apply a slow to your enemies who are damaged by it ) ( each rank increases the strength of the slow by 10% movement speed debuff )

    Flaying Dagger ( 5 ranks ) ( on hit ) Your ritual dagger is used to sacrifice your enemies to your god for boons of war ( killing an enemy with your knife will give you benefits until the end of the map cycle ) ( killing an enemy this way will give you increased Max health, starting health, movement speed, and lowered gravity ) ( each rank increases Max health gained per rank by 1, starting health by 1, movement speed .5%, and lowered gravity by 1% )

    Gorey Glory ( 5 ranks ) ( on Head Shot kills ) ( passive ) Killing an enemy with brutal efficiency invokes your gods powers causing their corpse to explode in fiery gore ( When you kill an enemy with a HS, that enemies body explodes dealing damage to all surrounding enemies ) ( each rank increases damage by 10 )
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    I really like it, the only things i would maybe change is add a %chance to funeral pyre like maybe 40% ? im not sure what grims chance is but it deals more damage and adds screen effect so I dont like it being 100%. The only other thing is the first skill, im fine with it being 100% on hit chance but id lower the damage (or even no damage just the burn effects) if it procs every hit

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    I made it as strong as I did because you can buy fire tunic and ignore a majority of what this race does. I'd be willing to reduce the chance funeral pyre has to proc but the first skill needs to be a high % as that is one of the races major damaging abilities. Again the fact you can buy a shop menu item and ignore most of what this race does can really gimp this race in the damage department.

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    Im okay with it so far. If Funeral Pyre is too stong, we can always nerf it.

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    Updated with some balances and mechanics.

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    I’ll +1 this.

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    What the hell. I'll +1 this race as well.

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    Actually dig a molly race a bit, also AoE damage on headshot sounds juicy as hell.

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    bumpo and thank you guys for +1's

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    I really like the idea of this race, but I don't think my opinion is worth anything I hope it's added though.

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