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    Bot controlled by human counts as 2 players for betting

    • The server where the bug happened - CS:GO Warcraft
    • The time it occurred - around 10:20 EST
    • The map the server was on at the time - de_train
    • Was someone spamming? - no
    • Any other important info. - The only people alive were two terrorists (augment and falcon), and one counter-terrorist (spicydude controlling a bot). I bet on T and got an even bet: 16k bet, 16k winnings. I hit tab again to make sure and nobody had recently died, so it seems like the server is counting bots and the person controlling them as 2 people for betting purposes.
    (hi this is actually isabella, I made this account so long ago that i had to get the japanese song lyrics out of my signature thanks)

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    This is a nightmare. They actually respawn you and parent the bot to you.. In other words, I would need to change every single function we have made to check if the player is controlling a bot through a prop - few thousand lines of code. For now I am going to disable controlling bots again.



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