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    Barrel Boy Infinite Weapons

    m'boi ertu found this one. he'll reply with some screenshots.

    • The server where the bug happened - Warcraft
    • Include the name - of the race? Barrel Boy
    • Skill if you know it - N/A
    • The time it occurred - Around 10:30 EST
    • The map the server was on at the time - de_train and cs_office (reproducable)
    • A brief description of what occurred before the error - Picking up another sidearm will cause you to drop your current and regen a new sidearm. This causes you to be able to make an infinite train of glocks.
    • Anything else you feel is important - This can be used to lag and crash servers by spawning too many items. At least it can in other source games idk about this one. I'd keep an eye out for people reproducing this glitch until it's fixed.
    (hi this is actually isabella, I made this account so long ago that i had to get the japanese song lyrics out of my signature thanks)

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    Fixed in 7/15 update.



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