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    07/06/2018 Update bug list

    Yo i found a bug with B-52 from the update, if anyone else finds more post-update bugs post em here

    -- B-52 - Surgical Strike. Ult makes explosion sound but does not make the grenade explode
    -- Koffing - Mega Borked. Smoke nade makes the sound every time it hits a wall/object but doesnt make a ward. after it finishes bouncing just makes normal smoke
    -- Mountain King - Ult and Ability1 both have custom sound, neither are working
    -- Nightcrawler - Ult doesnt work
    -- Temple Guardian- Ult does not freeze
    EDIT: skills with sounds attached to them appear to be borked
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    might just be grenades that were fucked with, will have to test santa/matter master and other grenade skills tomorrow

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    I have to do some changes tomorrow after my plane flight. Sounds are causing issues currently so I am going to turn a bunch of em off.

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    Yup can confirm its skills with sounds attached to them are broken and not grenades.

    Mountain king Ult plays the sound but doesnt give hp, the ability plays that screeching sound but doesnt shake (confirmed)

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    Wormhole warp deals full damage when its suppose to do 0
    nyan cat poptart pounce doesn't freeze
    wishgiver invis doesn't seem to work (makes noise but no invis)
    lux ult has no cooldown when fired after the first time,rockets stay and float around(carrots everywhere)
    vagabond ult makes you fly forever
    hadji ult / death explosion doesnt work (i'd assume it doesnt work for other races either)
    ruler of olympus ult makes you unable to do damage and makes you invulnerable
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  6. Frostfiend devour corpse works to the first chomp noise and stops, neither giving health or storing a corpse for regurgitate.
    Warlock's Drain Life ward didn't leech hp and stayed around longer than it should have.
    Sandv stopped doing damage halfway through a choke, and I've seen it stop healing before reaching 120hp.
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    Please retry all aforementioned issues in this thread and report back. I pushed an update about 5 minutes ago that will hopefully resolve them all.

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    I can confirm b-52, koffing, mountain king, nightcrawler, and temple guardian work also with about 10 others not listed here that are working.
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