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Thread: Wcshelp popup

  1. Wcshelp popup

    The command to bring up the wiki/rules doesn't bring up a window but prints out:

    [CEGamer] - Opening
    ...because there now appears as a dynamic actor in world history a new State, which, as a
    truly European colony, has for centuries received the best Nordic forces of Europe by way of emigration; aided
    by the community of their original blood, these have built a new, fresh community of the highest racial value... Americans, as a young, racially select Folk, confront Old Europe, which has continually lost much of its best blood through war and emigration.

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    Bumping so this can be looked into. All HTML popups like motd, wcshelp, and backpack do not work.

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    Currently no way to do it. Panorama update removed the ability to have an in-game browser that functions easily. - that may be a lie. Looks like someone has managed to do it via a steambot. I will read up on it.
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    So the bot method is hacky, at best. It has to add you as a friend first, and it rarely works properly. I suspect due to the interval at which it sends invites and steam blocking requests after a point. So this is not a fixable bug sadly.



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