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Thread: Dastan godmode

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    Dastan godmode

    Skill if you know it
    12:36pm EST
    Was playing as Dastan and DM started changeraced to rapscallion jr and died. Respawned from DM stuck in place in the location I died invulnerable to all damage, unable to type kill in console or swap teams. Forced to leave server.
    I believe being Dastan when DM gets started and swapping races before dying causes this.

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    Wow, I havent seen this bug in like 3 years. I believe when it used to happen before it was because rapscallion as well. If an admin is on, they can kill you by slapping you for all your health, but a slay wont work.

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    Yeah, this happened to me before, and have seen it happen to others as well. Happens when switching to other races too

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    Does this still happen?



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