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Thread: ROTD Changing

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    ROTD Changing

    Just a thought and I haven't seen this thrown out there anywhere but when talking on the server it seems a lot are on board with it.

    When you have an ROTD that is not maxed but maybe only have 1-2 levels left. Once it is maxed you then have to purchase the ROTD Changer just to get a new ROTD to get the bonsus XP.

    Could there be a way that if you play your ROTD and then it gets maxed , For the ROTD to automatically change to a new race instead of using the 1500 to change it.

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    that's only with donor ROTD, if you don't have donor you can get maxed out races for your rotd. so that idea might not work. but its a good idea. best perk for donor is getting non maxed races for ROTD

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    maybe just lower the cost of the ROTD changer or remove the cost of it all together.

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    I wouldn't say remove it completely because then people could just keep changing until they got something to whore out for extra XP. Should be some cost associated, I just hate spending the XP while trying to max races when I do actually max one on ROTD.

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    You can't get max races for rotd if you're a donor, I hear.

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    Until you have everything max that you can play, then you can get max races as donator for rotd. Granted, 99% of the server doesnt have that problem. But definitely wouldnt make it cost nothing, then non donators could just spam til they get the same race they always play.

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    If nothing else give a free race change if you land on something maxed / a race you're really bad with, maybe then any following cost bonus xp

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    The cost is also important so people don't abuse the system and swap to the same race together. Some races are 1 per team, unless it's multiple people's rotd. In those cases you could have several people playing the same race.

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    Maybe just make the first changer free? Will keep from abuse and stretch it out in this case as well. Would help out the non donors in giving them 2 chances to get a non maxed race as well.

    I like the idea of an auto switch tho, just seems a bit PITA to implement for the benefit. But who knows, maybe its easier than I'm imagining.

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    i think its great as it is, i play races i wouldnt play otherwise, yeah you have to spend 1500. but then are eager for the next day to get a new one



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