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    Issues connecting to the server

    Ive been playing on the server for a short time, i believe my account is around lvl 40 or so, and for the past month or so i havnt been able to access the server due to latency.
    I am from Australia and therefore my connection to the server isnt the best, i generally roam around 180-220 and it used to be fine but for the past month i keep getting kicked for latency. I have tried to donate however it doesn't want to go through due to some sort of international currency problem. I would love to play on the server as it is one of the most populated WCS servers and there are none others that are closer. Would love to have a chat with someone and see if there is any possibility to get white-listed.

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    I'll add some support for this - connecting from EU my ping is ~120ish normally. These past few days are the first time in _years_ i've been kicked for having ping over 250. I suspect server is having some connection issues...
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    Okay thanks, let us know how it goes i look forward to seeing a reply
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    Any updates sir?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NAMTOOW View Post
    Any idea when it will be coming, and also my issues with the donation was never approached
    Send JT a PM, he is the one who can help you.
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    Post 4
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    Post5, had to create another post in order to send a PM
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    Hopefully JT sees this and has the time to help you out!
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    I will run updates on the dedicated and cycle it. That takes the game servers and website out for anywhere from 5 to 20 min. However, I doubt this will help with anything. Do a tracert in powershell and provide the results. I suspect you have an ugly hop along the way.

    As for donating, that is all controlled by paypal. Maybe you can try to contact them and see if you can get cash loaded to your account balance and see if that works.

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    Updated and power cycled the dedicated. That would be the limit of what we do on our end.



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