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    Exclamation Putrid Lord Problems.

    Putrid lord takes 5000 every time he kills you in DM. Quite annoying, especially for new players, they are unable to buy any time, and they don't know how to use the bank system to keep it away from putrid. It also seems to be rather popular opinion that 5000 is quite an insane amount to be taking, and is easily abusable to farm bots, as they also give 5k each time you kill them, allowing you to buy an xp500 tome every round. Thanks for reading, hope atleast the DM money-stealing stops.

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    But can't they just use myguns during DM? I'm not sure I understand why money has any bearing on DM at all aside from nade/smoke spam

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    It still takes away from the fact of buying tomes during DM. Even if you dont have money steal, winning the rounds and getting kills can add up quite a bit to buy tomes.

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    Ok that's a point I hadnt considered. I only really buy them end of map.

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    Deposit everything at the start of DM, if at max use enough so you have none in your wallet

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    Not a bug. Putrid doesn't suck the bank dry so just deposit.



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