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Thread: 250 Ping cap

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    Lightbulb 250 Ping cap

    Hey guys, I'm TAX PAYER from Australia

    I used to play wcs back in its CSS prime and always wanted to play it again but there are no Australian servers anymore. I would love to play on this server even with my high ping at around 260 but I always get automatically kicked because my ping is above 250, is there any way you guys can increase this to say 300 or remove it so I can play? lol

    Thanks for reading

    Elrichzann +REP   

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    While I'm all in favor of having more / new players, I worry about the type of lag that might be caused from having ping so high, rubberbanding, teleporting, shots never hitting, etc.. I have no say in the matter, but that's just my 2 cents, so long as you wouldn't be lagging immensely to where gameplay is affected, It sounds cool to me.

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    The ping cap is removed for donors. That is the only measure we have in place for this.



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