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Thread: Racism/Sexism

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    I fully support this
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    Please let this happen. Been wanting this for way too long.

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    Well, you know, my two cents on this subject, is something should be done. I'm sure the language does scare some people away from the server. I'm honestly not a big fan of language that is either sexist or racist. Especially considering when I do start playing again I'm likely to be streaming it. Don't really want to risk getting my channel suspended or outright banned.

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    No one watches your channel anyways Winged lol so don't sweat it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ratpatrol View Post
    No one watches your channel anyways Winged lol so don't sweat it.
    OUCH! The first degree burn!

    I'm gonna go check myself into the burn ward.

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    Are we getting to conclusion on this matter? I would like to see some level of restrictions, not a full blown.
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    I would like to see only a restriction against doxxing. The rest is just junk talk and people can player list mute and not have to deal with their bruised feelings. I know I take a lot of garbage on this server. Yes I'm aware I dish some out as well. When someone annoys me enough I just playerlist mute them and go about my business. Just my opinion.
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.

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    There's a scenario that muting does not help with. Like let's say hypothetically someone is making video content by griefing so you mute Arc. I mean someone. Then Quarantine jumps in to state Arc is griefing so you mute Quarantine now because he's arguing. Now 30 seconds goes by and you hear someone yelling into chat and you realize they are being griefed so you block them. Now the whole server is arguing so you mute everyone. And this happens the next night at the same time.

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    Bro are you really gonna let that hardon for me go to waste? Gimme a chance to put my lipstick on at least.

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    I personally think there is an upside to enforcing against racism on the server. The ability for streamers to not only play but also interact with less fear of the content becoming unviable. I've moved on that subject and am totally fine with that rule if it were to be instated.

    I'm not sure if being witness to people calling other players faggots and making sexist jokes is against twitch and other streamer platforms.. Dunno where I stand on that at the moment.

    The speak easy part of the server when it comes to controversial subjects is a bonus and there have been some quite interesting conversations on low-pop times. I wouldn't like to see that jeopardized with more overwatch on language used. That's a bit of a worry but as one of the more incendiary Spice Merchants on the server I can take a bow on the subject and adapt to new rules. For sure.

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