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Thread: Racism/Sexism

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    So let me paraphrase with the fact that I feel this topic is overdue.

    Maybe I am just getting old, but having kids, and a little girl, really make it hard for me to enjoy playing in my own server. I think it is time we addressed these topics, and developed some rules to enforce them. In my opinion, we should establish a clear black and white basis for these types of speech, to include specific punishments with escalation points. I realize this is a shift from a decade of "free speech" as a general statement, but it is what it is. I would hate to think we can't collectively come up with and continue to foster a community without the use of racism and/or sexism.

    I would also propose we do the following to help facilitate these rules:
    • Create a Server Moderator role that has the ability to:
      • Mute players for 30 minutes
      • Beacon players that don't attempt the objective by 1:30 (coded to not allow prior to)
      • Issue warnings to players
      • Any other potential needs they may have

    • Expand our administration staff
    • Develop a mute tab on the website similar to bans, as well as multiple mute options for Server Staff similar to in-game ban options

    Please provide your thoughts and opinions, but do so constructively. Also, I feel it ideal as a time to suggest potential Sever Moderator staff members. Any registered user should be able to post on this thread, so please, everyone give your input.

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    Couldn't support this initiative more. The rampant racism and sexism has been the one thing stopping me from enjoying the server on many occasions, even stopped playing on the server for well over a year due to its toxicity.

    An increase in active admins/mods and some defined guidelines on what is and isn't allowed to say would only help populate the server. Losing vocal minority that would be upset by no longer being allowed to scream slurs ad infinitum would not, in my opinion, make for a big loss.

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    I'm normally for the whole free speech everything and all that, hate the way this country is going but thats a different subject.

    I've said to different people on the server for a while that this kind of thing isn't that fun to be in. Yes, a lot of the server is buddy buddy and dont care what a lot of each other say and all that, but when you've got the toxic group constantly shouting out slurs and other remarks for no reason it creates too toxic of a mic environment to want to deal with. I try to not self-mute anyone just so I can always keep tabs on whos talking and saying what by an admin perspective, so I know how bad it can get. From a new user perspective, I can understand how coming into the server and hearing all that can be an awful experience and drive people away, they come to community servers to have fun, not be called the N word every 5 seconds among other things.

    Sexism is a *rare* case as we dont get as many females around, at least ones on the mic, but when we do get them around they're obviously target of harassment for obvious reasons. This also drives away people who might enjoy playing here not for the toxic environment. Obviously this needs to be included if we're also going the racism route.

    I've given out plenty of mutes for both scenarios as they get real annoying listening to when people are constantly screaming that kind of stuff over the mic and in chat. I definitely think it would help the server out by toning back on this kind of thing, maybe not a full removal but just putting limits on stuff said. Context and all of that. When its a low amount of people or generally people who get along I understand how some of those jokes fit the situation and can sometimes be hilarious. But, if we do go through with this it, we'll definitely need a firm list of words/phrases so theres no he said she said between admins saying this is ok and this isnt.

    As for mods, I've had a few conversations with different people in the past, by a personal perspective, I dont think very many people on this server are fit for any mod/admin position which is why I rarely recommend people. Whether it be to activity, how much you help others, etc. We've had lots of issues with people in the past and having to not only babysit but also keep tabs on what trials are abusing and not just players crying because they got muted in a deserved situation isnt all that fun. If we opened up a position how you're stating which would basically be like how trial used to be we could probably open it up to some as theres a few people who come to the forums who are decent people and might be fit for just a server babysitter.

    More mute options would definitely be appreciated i.m.o, having to manually mute maplong a couple times or only muting someone for a few rounds gets a little tedious, would be nice to be able to throw on a 4-5min one or a 20-30 min one. Maybe even day or so mutes, especially if these new rules kick in.

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    Now personally I'm overall indifferent the way this could go, but I completely understand it. Continuously hearing racial slur after racial slur within a span of 1 minute can be annoying, but I typically handle it by just muting that player. As you're stating it should be definitely black and white though, no grey area should be left undefined. Exact precise ruling should be made, that way none of it can be challenged or skirted around what so ever. P0ossibly a second rule page with exactly rules pertaining to these two primary subjects? That way we could list as many ways possible of instead of just giving a broad sweeping term for this, because then it will be left on an admin to admin basis of what it is defined as.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurtydwarf View Post
    But, if we do go through with this it, we'll definitely need a firm list of words/phrases so theres no he said she said between admins saying this is ok and this isnt.
    I can't wait to see this list. Have heard some real spicy shit on this server.

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    Oh can't edit a post. As for the moderator aspect I do think we should bring it back to the extent you're saying, but also give a clear punishment of that player if they are stripped of their moderator powers. It'd help deter any potential abuse and show that there will be 0 tolerance for being abusive with your powers. Whether it would be a ban of a week, month, gag, mute, etc would be up to y'all higher ups, but definite punishment needed.

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    I fully support this.
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    I have always accepted the open speech part of the server since it started years ago but like JT said as I got older had kids got married chilled the fuck out I can relate to his personal issues and feelings towards the server rule. I look at it as a gain and loss. What kind of people do we lose vs what kind of people we gain. Growth needs to happen, change needs to happen. I have been around long enough to vouch that this is a good idea. Hate on me for being a Sg faggot all you want but there are reasons why I joined that community over this one even thought I have been playing on JT's servers since almost day one. I have seen a lot of people come and a lot of people go. I have seen the populations bloom and I have seen it die. Yes I don't play as much as I use to but I have a wife and three kids that shit isn't cheap or easy takes energy and time. Nothing against Scooty I have always seen him as a village idiot even though I know he is actually a decent guy but I have to mute him more often than not because even with headphones on my kids have heard him and others screaming Nigger or chink etc.

    Not that many of you care because of the bad apples that have come over from Sg to start shit here and CEG members who went to Sg to start shit back the cycle is old and stupid and doesn't even happen anymore. If you knew how many Sg regulars played here and don't bring attention to themselves over the fear of harassment for something THEY DIDN'T EVEN DO. A few months ago when "JT was letting the server die" and "was letting it rot" a good 50% of population went over to Sg had a good time and we let you guys in with open arms and tried really hard to make things work for you guys. I know this is a little off subject but let me rope it back in. Sg members enjoy playing here many just can't handle the toxicity and language. I have personally for years by my own accord tried my best to build bridges between Sg and CEG. I have personally for years tried to convince people to play on CEG servers because we had population problems or dev problems but the players could not stand what was going on in CEG servers. Same thing happened with JYD ( JunkYard Dogs ) when it was dying and its players were looking for a WCS server to migrate to many I sent to joinwcs came back to me saying fuck no. Same thing happened when Sg split from its original clan and the same thing happened when Yipes server died, same thing happened when Frozen Throne died and it's players were looking for other servers in 1.6. Anyways that is enough of that you guys get my point. I look forward to the change.

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    I'm surprised that this new policy is being put in place, and there will certainly be at least 2 of our community upset about it, but if this is what it takes to move the server forward, so be it. Let's get some new mods, enforce some rules for the benefit of the majority.
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    I presume all slurs would fall under such a ban, and not just racism and sexism? The rampant use of "faggot" and its derivatives is just as denigrating as the racial slurs.



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