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Thread: Rotd Rework

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    Rotd Rework

    1. be restricted to unmaxed races for all players (currently only is restricted for donors)
    2. the rotd gives you 1.5 times xp for a random race regardless of whether its unlocked. no limit to xp gotten from race of the day.
    3. cannot be changed in shopmenu

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    You already posted in General even though that is technically not the right area, you didnt need to make another post. Why, just why?

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    because you told me to ost it here

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    It means in the future dude, not clog up sections with another post of the same thing. It is fairly obvious and shouldn't have to hold your hand on that

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    Although I hate to give graphite credit, I like and have always liked idea 1. ever since jt made that a donor only feature. I don't see any reason it should be donor locked, and as a person who doesn't donate but has MOST races maxed, my rotd is all but meaningless.

    I have also heard the idea of making rotd pick any race that isn't maxed, regardless of whether or not you have access to it. I think this is an interesting idea to consider, but I would exclude donor, contest, and rep races. So basically it would just give you a taste of the races that you are yet to unlock. Also any race played and leveled this way should NOT count towards total level until it is unlocked properly.

    Edit, fixed an unintended self contradiction.
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